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The TJC-CFM Church pastors

These are the pastors of the newly born "THE JESUS CHURCH-CFMinistry". They are just simple, ordinary, low profile but fully dedicated to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

Like a mustard seed - so little, often understimated but when it grows, this will become a big and strong TREE where many would like to have  a shade with. From left to right;

Ptr. Ian Bringas, Ptr. Henry Alcontin, Rev. Erwin A. Jayoma, Ptr. Tess Jayoma, Ptr. Lotlot Julian, Ptr. Ronalin Quarteros, Ptr. Mela Bringas, Ptr. Sally Alcontin, Ptr. Cathy Balido, Ptr. Jun Balido, Ptr. Michael Julian and Ptr. Jeff Quarteros

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